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"Our goals are OBJECTIVE & Our results are QUANTITATIVE".

With this approach, we offer Consulting & Coaching solutions with a singular focus on sustainable growth. We are driven by a three-fold successive methodology of 'Explore, Inspire, Excel' while crafting any solution for our clients. As we believe that every client is unique and so are their challenges.


Unless one doesn't know where one is, one can't determine where one can reach. This is the indispensable step which enables us to identify the goal and determine the road map to achieve it

Current Capability
  • Understanding the current capability vis-à-vis the performance level to check if the same is optimal
  • Determining the scope of development from the existing capability
  • Deep-dive into the owner's expectations from his business
  • Identify what he wants, where he wants to be and by when
Rationality Check
  • Candid assessment of the owner's expectation
  • Define rationality behind the owner's expectation
Goal setting
  • Arrive at a mutual consensus and outline a SMART goal with pre-defined milestones

Mere goal is not a guarantee to success. Through this step we facilitate your priorities, eliminate your distractions and constantly remind you of your goal so that we put the pieces together and form the bigger picture

Organizational Alignment
  • Designing individual KRA / KPI's and aligning the same with departmental and the Organization's goal
Capability Development
  • Motivating & Engaging existing people
  • Developing internal talent
  • Importing external talent, if required
  • Leadership Development
Culture Building
  • Instilling the belief that culture drives results
  • Building supportive culture which steers the organization to the right direction to achieve the set goal

Apt planning and positive inspiration deliver desired results culminating into excellence. In this step the outcome is clearly visible and the notion of success is transformed into reality. And there should never be a full stop to this as growth is a continuous process

  • Timely review of the strategy to ensure that the milestones are being achieved as planned
Proactive Intervention
  • Taking proactive measures to eliminate any unexpected glitches and mitigate risks
  • Topline is not the sole factor to determine growth , we consider following critical indicators as well, to assess the results:
    • Business health in terms of cash flow & profit
    • Customer Satisfaction & Retention
    • Employee Performance and their Engagement Level

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"Because everyone CAN"

Sometimes, the true talent / potential lies dormant inside people. The objective of learning and development is to encourage this hidden potential to shine through and benefit the organization and well as the individual.

Our methodology is focussed on getting the best out of your workforce; to encourage, facilitate and enable everyone to perform at the best of their capabilites.

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"We help you attract the best talent - and retain them"

The biggest pain point in hiring for an SME is getting the right kind of people to join the organization, and to make them stay. Our in-depth understanding of your organization helps us in re-aligning the image of your organization so that the best talent become interested in working for you, and also contributing in the best manner possible.

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Why Clients Love Us

Because We Love What We Do! Our methodologies are very result-oriented, our experience, rich and our skills, unmatched. We help you unlock the true potential of your organization! Don't take our word for it - here's what some of our clients have to say about us:
Our engagement with Claycan has been on a BOT model. They introduced the concept of HR Department  to us, built it in its entirety and managed it for more than 3 years. As a leader now I enjoy and leverage on its effectiveness which gives me much more freedom to focus on Business Expansion and Growth
Sanjay Patodia
Galaxy Office Automation Pvt. Ltd.
Claycan happened at the right time for Infobahn, the time when we wanted to grow multifold and felt the need for a professional intervention. Claycan delved in our operational details and brought in a fresh perspective to our organizational planning. It enabled us to redefine our business priorities and aligned the entire organisation towards a focused Goal.
The results speak for itself. We have grown 100% year on year and in aggregate more that 400% since we engaged Claycan. We highly recommend Claycan especially to organisations with big aspirations.
Rajeev Krishnaswamy
Founder Director
Infobahn Technical Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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