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Arshad Kamal Khan

The Multipotentialite

Arshad is a modern day multipotentialite. He candidly admits "The only limits we are bound by are the ones we impose on ourselves, and that always inspired me to do what I never did before". Over the 15+ years of his illustrious career, he has worn many hats including those of an HR Professional, Sales Manager, Marketing Guru, Actor, a Tutor and even that of a Steward. Claycan marks the start of his entrepreneurial journey. His never-say-die attitude and charming personality are an instant hit with the people he meets. He strongly believes that an organization is only as good as the people who work for it, and this belief is the foundation of Claycan.

In his free time, Arshad likes to read books and watch movies.

Ashish Tiwary

The Explorer

With 11 years of experience in sales and marketing, Ashish is a goal oriented retail expert who aims to further enhance and add value to the Sales vertical. An optimistically driven opportunist, Ashish is a go getter with a staunch belief in proactively driving development and growth, both individually and as a team player. His dynamic nature and passion for working in challenging environments makes him deliver astoundingly customized solutions for every problem. In addition to being meticulous, he looks at the bigger picture to deliver 360 degree solutions which address the entire gambit of requirements. Inspirational books have always played an important role in his life, making him do things better than yesterday.

After spending considerable time in leadership roles at esteemed brands like Sony and LG, Ashish intends to utilize his past experience in taking Claycan to the next level.

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