Claycan improved the way we have been strategizing our Business. They transformed our subjective aspirations into a well-defined objective driven GOAL, helped us with periodic assessments, shared insights, assisted us in taking corrective steps and leveraging on our strengths.
The result is evident with our performance in our very first year of engagement with Claycan, whereby we achieved what initially seemed to be obstinate.
Vishal Sher
Managing Director
Studio Next Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Claycan happened at the right time for Infobahn, the time when we wanted to grow multifold and felt the need for a professional intervention. Claycan delved in our operational details and brought in a fresh perspective to our organizational planning. It enabled us to redefine our business priorities and aligned the entire organisation towards a focused Goal.
The results speak for itself. We have grown 100% year on year and in aggregate more that 400% since we engaged Claycan. We highly recommend Claycan especially to organisations with big aspirations.
Rajeev Krishnaswamy
Founder Director
Infobahn Technical Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Claycan has played an instrumental role in crafting growth plan for my two decade old organisation. Claycan identified the strengths and gave our organisation its vision and mission. We have tread the success path recommend by Claycan and have witnessed tremendous and sustainable growth.
Rajkumar Gupta
Managing Director
Century Road Transport Pvt. Ltd.
Our engagement with Claycan has been on a BOT model. They introduced the concept of HR Department  to us, built it in its entirety and managed it for more than 3 years. As a leader now I enjoy and leverage on its effectiveness which gives me much more freedom to focus on Business Expansion and Growth
Sanjay Patodia
Galaxy Office Automation Pvt. Ltd.
I found Claycan's approach towards rendering services to be very detailed and precise. They brought in fresh and new perspective in each assignment handled by them.
Suchita Mokal
Human Resource Department
Shree NM Electricals Ltd.
My Relationship with Claycan has been in continuity for three years. I first engaged Claycan during my stint with UTV. I am convinced of them as a good resource and avail their services for my entrepreneurial initiatives even today.
On HR and related activities I seek their advice for my day to day operations as well. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with them.
Prakash Nathan
Senior Media & Entertainment Professional
At PAMAC, our focus on talent nurturing is much more in 2015 than what it was in 2014. I am excited to share that Claycan is our consulting partner; in training space more than the content or delivery what excited me more was their training effectiveness which is in sync with our business nuisances; thus keeping participants completely engaged. We have built a great relationship with them and we will continue to build on that in future.
Feedback from the participants has been impeccable. I personally thank them for bringing meat on the table and with zero hesitation I would recommend them.
Babar Mian
Head – HR & Admin
PAMAC Finserve Pvt. Ltd.

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